Single Station or Conveyer Connection Available

  • Closed-Loop Step Motor System.
  • Double High Precision Linear Guide and Ballscrew.
  • High Precision Positioning.
  • Teaching Method Programming & Easy Command Cotrol and Use.
  • Collocate With Barrier For Various Working Szie.
  • Gantry Design Conveniently Apply To Assembly Line.

4 Axes Gantry Dispensing Machine

4 Axes Gantry Dispensing Machine

3 Axes Gantry Multiple Machine

Conveyer Connection

Dispensing Application

Engraving /Machining Application

Soldering Application

Soldering Application

Pick & Place Application

For more examples, please click here Practical application example


SR-G Series contain excellent control system / precision orientating / extensively use on dispensing / PCB cutting / drilling / pick&place / vision inspect.

Soldering Robot

Vision Dispensing Robot

Pick & Place Robot

Routing Machine

Floor Type Machine

Floor Type Machine

Floor Type Machine

Work Piece Rotation Machine


External Control Box

Vision System

Protection Cabinet

Light Curtain

Working Area(X/Y/Z/R) 300 / 300 / 100 mm
Traveling Speed 800 / 320 mm/sec
Data Memory Capacity 100 prog.
Display Teaching Pendant LCD
Teaching Method Teaching Pendant LCD
Linear,Arc Moving Method 3 axes (Any path in 3D space)
Input Power AC 100-230 V, 320W
Working Humidity 20-85% no condensation
Loading 5 kg
Repeatability +/- 0.02 mm/Axis
Program System CF Card / USB
Motor System Micro Stepping Motor
Moving Method PTP & CP
I/O Port 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs
Working Temp. 10-40°C